Magiic was created in 2013 to help users securely index and search their PGP-encrypted email.  It has been a while since Magiic was released and updated, and its original functionality of indexing only messages stored on a remote IMAP server did not serve all users’ needs.

Our original blog post mentioned that “the second bug ever reported for the popular EnigMail GPG plugin for the Thunderbird mail client was a feature request asking for the ability to search through encrypted email bodies.  That bug was opened in 2003 … and it is still open today.”  Magiic was not originally designed to serve this purpose, but today we can announce that it has been updated to address this use case!  In addition, it now:

  • Is compatible with the latest Python gnupg package
  • Highlights query results in red, à la grep
  • Contains more keyboard shortcuts à la less
  • Uses the existing ~/.gnupg directory for a user’s GPG keyring
  • Automatically detects a single GPG private key and does not require it to be specified
  • Indexes PGP/MIME-type emails

Thus, there are now three modes of operation for Magiic: querying the existing index, indexing remote IMAP messages, and indexing local MBOX files.  We hope these updates are useful and help those still plagued by EnigMail’s bug #2.