Brain on fire

Successful hackers must continuously learn and adapt to ever-evolving and multi-faceted challenges presented by a changing technology landscape. Hacking and computer security courses are traditionally offered at hacking conferences and individuals must fly early to conferences to take relevant courses. This model is expensive for companies wanting to stay on the bleeding edge, desiring to train all professionals on staff. Budgets are constrained in these hard economic times and it may be unrealistic for a company to send twelve people to a remote conference for training when one must consider airfare and hotels.

To help our fellow industry professionals and hackers alike, Digital Operatives has developed a suite of courses that can be taught at any location. We are able to travel to your facilities as long as you can provide the basic requirements for the course. Our courses are designed to be both fun and informative in order to keep the attention of students. Our classes typically end on the final day with some form of a competition that covers materials learned.

Classes Offered:

  • Security 101: Through the Eyes of Hackers
  • Hacker Scripting: The Python Way
  • Advanced Cyber Tradecraft and Reverse Engineering
  • Fuzzer Development and Vulnerability Discovery
  • Advanced Vulnerability Research and Exploit Development
  • Computer Security for Lawyers: Protecting Your Clients’ Information
  • Hands-On Privacy Management

We can develop custom courses tailored directly to your company’s needs. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at