Digital Operatives has been at the forefront of research in cyber security and other intelligence disciplines. We have specialized in the following areas:

  • Mobile Handsets / Cellular Infrastructure
  • Operating System Security
  • Network Protocol Analysis
  • Advanced Algorithms
  • Computer Vision
  • Vulnerability Research
  • Malware Analysis
  • Advanced Actor Technologies
  • Dynamic and Static Analysis
  • Embedded Platforms
  • SCADA Systems
  • Full System Introspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Advanced Sensors and Systems
  • Agent-based Systems
  • Stochastic Control Systems
  • Intrusion Forensics (Disk / Memory)
  • Signals Analysis / Signals Intelligence
  • Social Technologies
  • Code auditing
  • Advanced Automated Data Analytics


Security Consulting:

Digital Operatives offers expertise to industry and government customers including Fortune 500 Companies, the Intelligence Community, and the Department of Defense. Customers look to Digital Operatives to strengthen their security and mitigate attacks.

Advanced Engineering

Digital Operatives has extensive software architecture, engineering, testing and project management experience across the commercial and government sectors. Our expertise includes: Computer Network Operations, autonomy, reverse and anti-reverse engineering, machine-learning, computer vision, signal/image/video processing, embedded software, social network analysis, large-data visualization and analysis, high-performance computing, cloud computing, computer graphics, network programming, computer forensics, graphical user-interface design, and multi-touch user-interface programming. We use any and all modern programming languages, computing platforms, and relevant advanced technologies. Our past clients include major commercial companies, the Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community.

Advanced Technology Research:

Digital Operatives has many years experience researching and building revolutionary technologies that are years ahead of the current state of the art. From developing advanced algorithms for autonomous defense of computer networks, to building advanced sensor platforms that can identify threats out of background noise. Digital Operatives employs visionary thinkers that can help you accomplish your most ambitious research goals.

IO Simulations / Security Assessments:

Digital Operatives can help find weaknesses in your organization's Information Technology plans and implementation. This can be passive or active and can help your organization mitigate risks of espionage, data loss, and even denial of service.

Code Auditing:

Need someone to help you get your product ready for the marketplace? Maybe you need help preventing embarassing media coverage of weaknesses in your software? Digital Operatives can review your software for common and advanced vulnerabilities including Memory Corruption, Logic Flaws, and other weaknesses. This makes your platform a hardened target and will help you feel comfortable when your marketing department uses the "Secure" buzzword.

Advanced Actor / Persistent Threat / Malware Analysis:

Did you find suspicious binaries on the CEO's computer? Are you worried that your organization has been the target of direct cyber attack? We can help you understand the exact nature of an intrusion, including how they got in, how to prevent it in the future, and what they were after.

Insider Threat Detection:

Suspect that you have a mole on the inside delivering your most sensitive data to WikiLeaks? Digital Operatives has many years of experience exposing insider threats using multi-disciplined techniques.

Incident Response:

Has your organization experienced an intrusion or suspect so? Digital Operatives can help you deal with all aspects of the intrusion. Incident Response includes, but is not limited to the technical and administrative steps to get your network and systems operational and secure. From providing forensic analysis to working with law enforcement, Digital Operatives has the experience to minimize the cost of a breach to your company.

Expert Witness:

Digital Operatives is an industry leader that provides expert analysis in software patent infringement litigation. We have advantages over other firms that provide expert witness services by being absolutely discrete in all litigation matters, as our process ensures client confidentiality.


CITIS - Computer Internet Threat Intelligence Service

CITIS is a monthly subscription which enables customers to receive direct access to the latest sophisticated malicious threats traversing the internet, or targeting organizations. Besides direct access to a database of binary variants, customers can opt to receive detailed analysis of the most sophisticated threats including communication schemes, protection mechanisms, and even how these threats achieve persistence.

Dark-Drive - Removable USB drive that actively defeats data forensics

Dark-Drive is a custom USB drive firmware that can defeat data forensics while simultaneously destroying sensitive data stored on the disk to the detriment of an adversary, spy, or thief. Dark-Drive firmware is customizable depending on its concept of employment. Dark-Drive uses clandestine technology that is only available to select clients under NDA.

Landmine - Advanced Clandestine Defensive System

Landmine provides the most advanced persistent defense against advanced actors and advanced threats inside your network. To prevent advanced actors from testing their attacks against our tool, Landmine is only available to select clients under NDA. Landmine sits dormant, with zero overhead, until the attackers make their moves.

PAINT - Advanced Packet to Process Attribution Platform

PAINT provides administrators, incident responders, and security savvy users with a simple to use packet-based process attribution capability. PAINT uses a sophisticated and high speed packet attribution state machine to identify the source and destination of packets on the wire (and wireless). It enables users to quickly identify suspicious packets and their origination and/or destination process with ease. See our blog post here: Download it here: Direct Download

Cyclone - Advanced Attack Simulation Toolkit

Cyclone is an advanced attack simulation toolkit custom designed to simulate hostile network and host actions across enterprise networks. It is available to customers involved in the research and development of advanced computer and network defense technologies.

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Digital Operatives was founded in 2005 to provide cutting-edge cyber technologies for its customers. While mainly focused on attack research and development, the company developed a name for itself among the community for bringing constant innovation and practical engineering to common community problems.

Over the years, the company has broadened its focus towards generally developing advanced technologies that solve large problems, on a world scale, and even on a custom scale for its unique customers.

The company benefits from having a fundamental vision and core tenets that drive decisions within the company:

Vision: To bring revolutionary positive change to the status quo in the multi-dimensional world of technology.

Core Tenets:
TECHNOLOGY - the application of science to achieve objectives
PASSION - enthusiasm for a subject or activity
PRIMITIVES - the lowest form of understanding, i.e. not derived

The company is currently hiring hackers, researchers, engineers, scientists, and subject matter experts in many exciting technology disciplines.


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Digital Operatives Kicks Off Project to Automatically Detect Antennas Using Computer Vision

Digital Operatives is a boutique cyber technology firm delivering advanced technologies that radically change the status quo in a multi-dimensional world.

Digital Operatives recently kicked off one of its latest projects under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Cyber Fast Track program called AERIAL (Automatic Entity Recognition Identifying Antennas Locally).

Existing approaches to conducting communication technology site surveys rely on detecting radio frequency (RF) emissions. This of course is only effective if and when the communications equipment is actively transmitting. Digital Operatives is investigating new approaches to the identification of communications equipment, more specifically antennas, by exploiting one of the few ways that such equipment can be universally detected: by applying state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms to identify antennas. In the AERIAL program, Digital Operatives is developing a prototype entity recognition system for the autonomous detection and classification of antennas. Digital Operatives vision is that this system will be deployed in a very small form factor; work is being done to develop the algorithms as an application on a mobile phone, as well as a sensor payload on a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that could discover a broad range of antennas in a local area. The ability to automatically detect antennas visually and automatically is an exciting capability with multiple use cases.

Digital Operatives has discovered that small, thin objects like antennas provide a challenge to existing computer vision algorithms since traditional digital image features used in object recognition rely on the existence of facets (i.e., planar surfaces) on the object that are within the camera’s field of view. Since antennas usually appear as collections of one-dimensional lines in images, traditional computer vision and machine learning approaches for object detection will perform poorly. Digital Operatives addresses these challenges using a novel technique that exploits specific features of certain types of antennas such as Yagi-Uda and others.

The views expressed are those of Digital Operatives and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government.