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  • Digital Operatives is apolitical and wishes to remain so
  • BLUF: We built DRUDGEBOT for clicks
  • DRUDGEBOT is 100% AI powered, although it’s still in development
    • Content is not curated by humans at all, we take no responsibility for any aspect of the content 
  • The website is one of the most influential websites in American Politics
  • Matt Drudge is one of the most influential people in American Politics
  • Matt Drudge regularly posts about the increasing presence of Artificial Intelligence and robotic technology in society
  • We built DRUDGEBOT because it seemed like an interesting AI project
    • Decent historical dataset
    • Strange intersection with the bias of the website as it relates to “AI taking jobs”
    • It demonstrates fairly clearly the risk of oversharing your personal bias on the Internet publicly, or with Google/Facebook
  • We’re doing and will do lots more with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Some of our work will be to highlight the dangers and some will be to change the world for the better!
    • Stay Tuned!